Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with registration process.

By registering on freelancewritingservice.com (the Company), you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Should you disagree with any of the below statements please discontinue registration process and leave the site.

You acknowledge that you are of legal age to proceed with the registration process. You fully agree to our Terms and Conditions and are willing to be bound by the contract between you (the Writer) and the Company.

Proprietary Rights

The Writer transfers all the intellectual property rights for written papers to the Company. The Company has exclusive right to use the papers submitted by the Writer to ensure successful provision of writing and editing services to the Customers.

The Writer agrees not to use written papers elsewhere neither for personal nor for commercial purposes.

The Writer agrees not to share, sell or pass the papers to third parties.

General Conditions

The Company provides the Writer with an Account giving the right to bid for orders (in case of Writer's application approval).

The Company assigns the Writer a manageable number of orders, depending on the quality of writing the Writer provides, Writer's rating, number of orders the Writer is currently working on, the complexity of orders, the number of pages and the academic level required for the task.

The Company provides necessary support and feedback to the Writer.

The Company releases the payment according to the Payment Terms and Conditions.

As a registered Writer of the Company, you are obliged to request or bid for orders regularly.

The Company uses 2 systems of bidding: the Standard System of Requests (SSR) and Bids System (BS).

SSR implies an opportunity for Writer to request for order at a set and standard current compensation rate per 1 page with optional ability to request for higher amount of compensation, additional time and/or additional pages to complete the task in proper manner. Writer's request for order implies Writer's full understanding of the task as well as willingness and ability to complete the work by adhering to the instruction for the order and to provide the work on time, before the deadline. The Writer agrees to work at the set compensation rate, unless previously discussed otherwise.

BS implies an opportunity for the Writer to place a bid for order and offer desirable compensation rate per 1 page, as well as it requires setting date and time of the deadline, by which the Writer is able to complete the task. Writer's Bid for order implies Writer's full understanding of the task as well as willingness and ability to complete the work by following the instruction for the order and to provide the work on time, before the deadline stated in Writer's Bid at the compensation rate stated in the Writer's Bid. In case of order assignment, the compensation rate per 1 page and the deadline are set as stated in Writer's Bid.

In case of order assignment, Writer is required to confirm working on a particular order. For order confirmation Writer should use button "Confirm Order" at the bottom of the page of a particular order. Order confirmation must be provided no later than within 2 hours for orders with 12-24 hours deadline and no later than within 8 hours for orders with deadline of 48 hours and more.

The Writer must write and/or edit assignments in accordance with instructions of the orders and within the stated deadlines.

The Writer is obliged to reply to Customers' messages in due course (no later than within 2 hours for orders with 12-24 hours deadline and no later than within 4 hours for orders with deadline of 48 hours and more).

The Writer is obliged to be available for Support Representatives in case any questions arise and timely respond to all messages and emails, be available for communication over the phone. Writer should be reachable and responsive as contemplated under these Terms and Conditions.

In case a Customer requests for amendments of paper context due to Writer's failure to meet the initial requirements for an order, the Writer must provide an unlimited number of revisions at no additional compensation.

The Writer must provide valid personal data and contact information.

The Writer is obliges to provide valid payment details. The Company does not accept the claims which may arise due to invalid payment details provided.

The Writer must upload a half of completed product before 50% of time before the deadline has passed (applies to orders exceeding 20 pages in length).

In case of having orders in progress (current orders, revisions) The Writer is obliged to log in to the System every 24 hours to inform Customer and Support about the status of the order for all parties to be assured that product will be submitted on time.

If the Writer does not bid for orders for over 2 months, Writer's Account might be deactivated due to inactivity. If the Writer temporarily discontinues working on orders due to personal or any other issues, he/she must notify Support Team.

In case the Company assigned an order to the Writer after receiving Writer's request for an order, the Writer cannot reject working on the order in following circumstances:

  • For orders with 12-24 hours deadline: if there are 5 or fewer hours left before the deadline.
  • For orders with deadline of 24 hours or more: if there are 9 or fewer hours left before the deadline.

Academic Writing Standards

The order should be written according to common academic writing standards that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Layout and organization (referencing style, standard formatting, word limit).
  • Grammatical resource (accurate use of grammatical rules, accurate spelling, punctuation, sentence structure).
  • Lexical resource (word choice, tautology, effective arrangement of words, language flow).
  • Diction management (order specifics (tables, graphs, charts etc.), logical arrangement, presentation of own views and ideas, relevance of utterances, redundancy, linking ability).
  • 0% of plagiarism.

Paper Requirements

All papers submitted as completed papers must be written and presented in accordance with following requirements:

  • Standard A4 pages.
  • Margins - 1 inch (2.54 cm) from each side.
  • Format - double spaced (no additional spaces between paragraphs; no auto-spacing).
  • Font - 12 p.t. Times New Roman or Arial. Use the same font throughout the entire paper.
  • Word count - minimum 275 words per double spaced page and minimum 550 words per single spaced page.
  • Text alignment - left, no justification.
  • Paragraphs - no spaces (additional empty lines) between paragraphs.
  • Page Headers - format according to a required citation style. In APA Style, include a page header "Running head" on the title page and a title of the paper flush left. The running head is a shortened version of paper's title and cannot exceed 50 characters in length. Insert page numbers flush right. On pages other than title page, do not use "Running head", but insert the title of the paper. In MLA Style place header at top right-hand corner, include last name of paper's author and page number. In Harvard Style insert page header at top right corner of the page, the header should include 2-3 main words of paper title followed by page number. In Chicago/Turabian Style no page headers are used.
  • Footnotes/Endnotes - always use in Chicago/Turabian Style, 8 p.t. Times New Romans.
  • Graphics - you are encouraged to use visuals in your writing (graphics, images, photos, charts etc.) if applicable. Visuals are not included into the paper volume and are not compensated.
  • Bibliography - include a bibliography page in every paper and format it, as well as in-text citations, according to a required academic style. Note: in APA Style, bibliography page is named 'Reference/References'; in MLA Style, it is named 'Work Cited/Works Cited'; in Chicago/Turabian, it is named 'Bibliography', in Harvard Style bibliography page is named "Reference List/Bibliography". Note: bibliography page is not considered as an actual text page, it is not included into word count and it is not compensated.
  • Page Numbers - number pages. Place page numbers at the bottom right-hand corner unless specified otherwise in the instructions for a particular order.
  • File name - before you upload the paper, name the file by the order ID: '123456', where 123456 is the order ID (number). Thus, for instance, if the number of order is #111111, then required name of the file is "111111.docx".

In case of failure to provide proper formatting Administrator may request to edit the paper until it meets all standards stated above.

In case the Writer ignores formatting requests, a fine can be applied.

It is strictly prohibited to use such sources as TermPapers.com, SparkNotes, Wikipedia etc. All references should be taken from reliable sources.

Deadline and Late Delivery

By confirming working on an order, the Writer agrees to provide the paper written on time and in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer.

In case of paper non-delivery, a fine is applied according to the Company's system of fines. The amount of fine is deducted from the amount of Writer's compensation. If for some reason the Writer is unable to meet the deadline, the Writer must inform the Company about this situation in timely manner:

  • For orders with 12-24 hours deadline - earlier than 6 hours before the deadline.
  • For orders with deadline of 24 hours and more - earlier than 12 hours before the deadline.

If a deadline extension is required to complete a paper, the Writer should contact Administrator. It is prohibited to contact the Customer about a deadline extension. If the Writer requests for a deadline extension, Administrator is entitled to request for a draft of the paper, i.e. the Writer should provide a file containing the work done for a particular order by the moment of requesting for a deadline extension. If the Writer refuses to provide the draft or ignores the requests to provide a draft, Administrator is entitled to reassign the order.


All papers submitted by the Writer are checked for plagiarism with advanced plagiarism detector. In case any plagiarism is found in a paper, the Writer is informed about required further amendments. The Writer must eliminate the plagiarism and provide plagiarism free paper before the deadline. For plagiarized paper submission, a fine is applied according to the System of Fines. Plagiarism is unacceptable and may lead to Writer's Account deactivation.

Accounts Confidentiality

To access the Account, Writer should use unique Username and Password selected during registration process. The password can be changed at any time. Writer has the right to access and correct Personal Information in Account if necessary.

The Writer agrees not to pass, share or sell his/her Account and/or login information to third parties; in case such issues are found, Writer's Account is immediately deactivated with no payment released. The Company is not responsible for the damage caused due to passing, sharing or selling Writer's Account and/or login information.

The Writer must work under only one Username. All personal information of the Writer presented in the Account must be correct and up to date. Working under multiple or fake Accounts (Usernames) is strictly prohibited and may lead to Writer's Account termination. Only the holder of the Account can use the Website; third parties are not allowed to use Writer's Account for any purposes.

The Company reserves the right to deactivate/terminate Writer's Account without prior notification and/or without informing about the reasons of deactivation/termination.

Writer should not disclose any information to the Customer that would enable the Customer to directly contact the Writer privately or in any manner that could not be monitored by the Company.

The Writer should not mention any personal data, including but not limited to his/her name, nationality, location and local time in his/her country in the messages to the Customer.

The Writer agrees not to share, sell, pass or use any personal information of the Customer, including but not limited to name, phone number, email address, postal address, name of educational institution etc. The Writer is allowed to contact the Customer using message box on the page of an order. Any other direct ways of contact are prohibited to use. The usage of instructions provided by the Customer, files attached or any information included into the instructions or files in other ways rather than to complete ordered Paper is forbidden. If cases of violation of Customers' privacy and/or cases of Customers' personal information misuse are found by our Security Department, Writer's Account is immediately terminated without possibility of further re-activation; in such cases, the compensation for all unpaid and current orders is withheld as a fine.

Payment Terms and Conditions

To ensure timely payment release the Writer must insert required payment details into the Account on the Company's website and have these payment details verified with Financial Department at least five (5) days before the payout dates to ensure payment delivery. In case payment details are not timely submitted, incorrect or are not yet verified, the Company reserves the right to postpone the payment release until the necessary requirements are fulfilled. Registration and verification of an account on payment system website is a sole responsibility of payment recipient. The Company does not cover any expenses or offers assistance with the third party account registration and/or maintenance.

Payment for completed orders is being released monthly: on 15th to 18th of current month for the orders due in previous month (when the deadline selected by customer is in previous month) and completed in previous month.

Payment methods available:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill (Writer is charged transferring fee).
  • Other payment methods (subject to individual agreement).

Fines and Bonuses

The Company offers a system of bonuses to the best Writers.

System of Bonuses:

  • If a Customer chooses the Writer as preferred writer, the Writer receives a bonus in amount of 10% of total compensation for the order.
  • After submitting 20 high quality and plagiarism free papers on time, starting from 21st order the Writer additionally receives bonus in amount of 5% of total compensation for the order.

System of Fines:

If slight mistakes in formatting, typos, grammar mistakes are found in the paper submitted by the Writer, the Writer is obliged to make necessary corrections and resubmit the paper with amendments before the deadline.

In case of providing low quality papers and receiving negative feedback from Customer, the Writer must provide free revisions upon Customer's request in accordance with Terms of Revision.

Cause of Fine Amount of Fine
Slight mistakes in formatting, typos, grammar mistakes - Revision from the Editor 10% of total amount of compensation for an order
Failure to meet the requirements for an order resulting in Revision from the customer 10%-30% of total amount of compensation for an order
Providing low quality papers and receiving negative feedback from Customer 10%-30% of total amount of compensation for an order
Refusal to work on an order if the Writer requests for reassignment when only several hours left before the deadline or if an order is due provided that the order was assigned in good time 30%-50% of total amount of compensation for an order
Late delivery
Time passed after the deadline Fine per page
1 min - 59 mins $0,10
1 h - 2 h $0,25
2 h 1 min - 4 h $0,50
4h 1 min - 8 h $0,75
8 h 1 min -12 h $1,00
over 12 h $1,50
Late delivery or non-delivery and subsequent cancellation of an order by Customer 150% of total amount of compensation for an order
Plagiarism, poor paper quality or other reasons dependent on the quality of Writer's work resulting in issuing a refund to a Customer 100% of total amount of compensation for an order
Plagiarism 100% of total amount of compensation for an order
Repeated submission of plagiarized papers (3 times and more) Deactivation of Writer's account and suspension of Payment Release for 3 months
Failure to respond to Customers' messages within 2 hours for orders with 12-24 hours deadline and within 4 hours for orders with deadline of 48 hours and more 10% of total amount of compensation for an order
Failure to respond to Administrator's messages or/and calls $1

In case of paper late delivery or non-delivery, Writer's Account may be deactivated for minimum 3 months, and compensation release may be suspended for 3 months after the moment of Account deactivation.

If the Company applies several fines to a particular order, total amount for deduction is calculated by addition of all amounts of fines.


In case the Company issues a refund to the Customer due to a reason that paper delivery is no longer required, the Writer receives a compensation for the work done by the moment of issuing the refund.


All products and additional materials delivered by the Writer to the Company, including but not limited to sample essays, delivered papers etc. become a property of the Company only. Upon uploading complete versions of the papers, the Writer acknowledges that he/she doesn't have a right to use the products per his/her wish and, thus, cannot publish, sell and/or share the products to/with any third parties.

The Company reserves the right to update, change or modify given Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at its sole discretion and without prior notification of the Writer. The changes take effect immediately after the moment of the publication. The Writer is obliged to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time since any changes are reflected in this section of the website. Writer's continued use of the website after the updates or modifications come into force is considered as acceptance of the changes.

Updated: April, 2015

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